working towards the final piece

The shoot for the final piece featured around 180 timelapse photos of levitation and 64 timelapse photos of ink in water. These were then imported to Lightroom where the photos of legs were edited by adding the VSCO Film N-Fuji FP-3000b Negative Early Pull preset that made the photos monochrome and increasing the exposure and contrast, while for the ink photos the colour remained the same and only the exposure, contrast, shadows, blacks and whites were changed in preparation to be edited on Photoshop.

Once the layers were done and sorted into folders, the chosen twenty seven frames of levitation and twenty seven frames of ink were layered on Photoshop. The coloured ink was then cut out, leaving its background transparent, and put on top of the leg photos.

The ink layers were all edited with the ‘difference’ setting, increasing the brightness and vibrance of the ink, as well as decreasing its opacity. As the ink block was also on top of the legs, I used the eraser tool to delete it from where the trousers, legs and feet were to create the illusion that the ink was actually behind the legs. After this I used the smudge tool to create a flow in the ink. For most of the frames the flow remains similar but for the frames where the feet aren’t touching the ground I chose to move the smudge tool upwards.

With all the frames saved in a folder, I loaded all of the files into stack and used the timeline window to make a timelapse.